Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alpine Trail Mountain Bike

Ready to roll.
 Two friends and I got out about a month ago to get our fill of beautiful, top-notch singletrack in the up-and-coming mountain bike mecca of Oakridge. We got started in the afternoon, and prepared to be delighted with 14 miles of downhill awesomeness.

Right out of the gate, Kohl got a break via a mechanical breakdown, so I snapped a few shots while I waited.

Ride Oregon Ride

Kohl kickin' butt
A few Douglas Firs towering above the forest.

Beautiful singletrack
Wild lillies blooming in the sunlight

Scott tearin' it up.

More fields of wildflowers
Elk Camp Shelter. This shelter can be a great place to camp, but sadly was full of trash and debris.

Moss-leaden tree.
A field of thick Bear Grass.
More fields of Bear Grass.

One of my favorites from the day, this is the most fun type of singletrack to ride on. Thick, Douglas Fir trees surrounded by lots of moss and sedges.
A steep section of the trail.

Diamond Peak viewed looking south.

All done for the day!

Mt. Hood Wilderness Photo Essay

Saturday, June 9, 2012

So I’ve been VERY lazy about keeping up with my blog lately, and I apologize for that. BUT I have good news: I’ve commandeered my wife’s computer and now I can upload all the great photos and trips that I’ve taken over the last few (6!) months.

One of the mile markers along the OC&E Trail, an Oregon State Park
First of all, let me explain how these events have come to be: I have spent the better part of my free time so far this year working on my swimming, biking, and running skills for my triathlon races, one of which I’ve just recently completed, and the second of which will be in August. In addition to those activities and working full time, I’ve been able to get out with my family and enjoy the sights around Eugene and the county.

My triathlon race, the Duck Bill Thrill Triathlon, was held May 20th. This race was an Olympic distance race, meaning I would have to swim 1500 meters (about one mile), bike 40 kilometers (about 25 miles), and run six kilometers (about 6 miles). I had a goal to finish within three hours, and I finished with a time of 2:58:45. Needless to say, I was relieved to have met my goal and proud of myself for doing so! I have my second and final tri of the year on August 19th, the Triathlon Eugene, and will be doing an Olympic distance race then as well. I also convinced my lovely wife to sign up for her first tri, and she’ll join me that day to race the Sprint distance. In addition to her and I, many of our friends are going to come out to race, both individually and as part of a relay team. I look forward to seeing so many familiar faces on the course.

Fall Creek, location of the 2012 Duck Bill Thrill Triathlon

My wife and I have signed our son (who’s now one year old) up for a music class. I’ve been fortunate enough so far to be home for most of the Saturdays when the class is held, and we’ve enjoyed riding our bikes the 12 miles roundtrip to and from the class from our house. Sometimes we stop for ice cream on the way home, sometimes we go to the Saturday Market, but we try to ride as often as possible. The point I’m making here, on my OUTDOOR ADVENTURES blog, is that it’s always possible to incorporate the outdoors into your normal routine, no matter what’s on your agenda.

Anson & I enjoying a pit-stop along our weekly bike ride

Another adventure I got to have recently was a great night of single-track trail running in Klamath Falls, my layover town for work. I had been keeping an eye on a local running club in town, the Linkville Lopers, and was excited to be in town one Wednesday night when they met for a group run. I didn’t know what to expect when I first met the group, but they proved to be a very friendly group and kept a pace that was very comfortable for me to maintain. We ended up running about 6 miles together as a group of 6 or so then I cut back to the parking lot with about half the group while the others added another 4 miles to their night. The views from the run were incredible as we ran all over a tall hill just west of downtown Klamath Falls. A few pints of Rolling Rock (hey, they were only $1) made for an excellent end to a great day.

The grand view looking North from Moore Park in Klamath Falls
Moore Park looking south toward Mount Shasta

Finally, this past Memorial Day weekend, we got to go on a great hike to Trestle Creek Falls, just off of Bryce Creek near Cottage Grove. The hike was a moderately difficult, 3.5 mile loop that took us past two waterfalls, Upper and Lower Trestle Creek Falls. The lower falls were actually up a .3 mile trail spur off the loop, but well worth our detour and time. The photos below will tell the story better than I can. The dogs enjoyed their three-plus hours off-leash, running amok in and out of the water as often as possible.

Bryce Creek, Trestle Creek Falls Trailhead
Upper Trestle Creek Falls water feature
Anyone seen a plant like this before?
Lower Trestle Creek Falls

Can't resist taking photos of trees growing out of trees
Trestle Creek

Upper Trestle Creek Falls

Lots of flowers along the waterfall-sprayed trail

My adventures have been more numerous than what I’ve listed, but I’ve run out of time again. I’ll do my best to post again soon…until then, Have You Enjoyed the Outdoors Today?