Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Foilage sights around Oregon October 10-15th

I've been fortunate enough to make a few daylight trips to and from Klamath Falls, OR this past week and I've also documented my trips with some photos. Here's the best of what I've seen:

Upper Klamath Lake

Shrubby bushes along the road.

Fall has reached the 5,000' level near O'Dell Lake

Looking down onto the Williamson River

Look closely and you can see Mt. Thielson in the background

Mt. Scott, near Crater Lake National Park

Looking east toward the high desert

Near O'Dell Lake

Fall leaves and changing weather...

...are two of my favorite things about the outdoors. I got to experience both this week as Graham dog, Jake dog, and I went hiking just outside of town above Fall Creek Reservoir.

The day was ours to explore, and we left town around lunchtime to start our journey. The original plan was to find mushrooms, so with a basket in the car I made a bee-line for one of my trusted sites. We ended up detouring up a gravel Forest Service road that looked promising and I soon found myself driving along a steep, winding road that paralleled a ridge.

After driving about five miles on this road, I stopped the car so the dogs could have a break and I could start looking. While walking around I noticed the amplitude of leaves that were changing from their summer greens to wonderful shades of yellow and red. This proved to be the only "bounty" I would yield today, as the mushrooms evaded my capture.

We enjoyed our day thoroughly just the same, the dogs running around like lunatics and me enjoying every moment of it. We spent about two hours traipsing through the woods, and then drove home for a nice long nap. What a day!

Although I don't have any photos from this day, fear not! I'll add another post above to showcase what I've been seeing around Oregon in the last week. Stay tuned!