Friday, September 30, 2011

5k Challenge update

Hey everyone,

It's been a busy, busy summer with the new addition to our family, trips to the midwest and east coast for vacation, and working at the J-O-B. That said, I've been keeping up on my 5ks, though not as diligently as in months past.

I just visited St. Louis and had the opportunity to run in the beautiful Forest Park. If you ever get the chance to run there, do it! The park is roughly three miles wide by about a half-mile in length, which makes for a great 10k loop when you have the ambition. I ran the park two mornings in a row, the first of which was partenered with a DOWNPOUR. I didn't even bother trying to stay dry, as just steps out the front door of the house I was dripping already. The second day was dry and much more relaxing than the first. I still managed to run two 10ks, despite not having ran for a few weeks prior to this trip.

The park itself hosts a myriad of activities, most all of them free to the public. My favorite, of course, was the running trail that meanders throughout the park, both along the perimeter and many different directions through the heart of the green oasis.

After returning from Missouri, I went back to work and am at the moment sitting in my Klamath Falls hotel room. I got prepped to go on a 10k but realized I left my running shoes at home. The only shoes I have with me now are flip flops and steel-toed work boots, neither of which are conducive to running in. That left me with an interesting option: using the treadmill at the workout room and running barefoot. Let me assure you, this isn't' a good idea. I ran two miles, and then my feet started to blister. Guess I will have to remember my shoes next trip!

Until next time, adios!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Photos from the Triathlon

Hey all, just wanted to quickly post some photos from the race. If you haven't already read the entry just below this one, scroll down and check out the full report from my first triathlon!