Friday, March 11, 2011

Oregon coast getaway/5k challenge update

So the Mrs. and I took the dogs to the coast this weekend for a getaway trip. We spent two nights along the OUTRAGEOUSLY beautiful Oregon coast so you know what that means; two mornings to run 5ks! I got up at around 6 the first morning, fed the doggers and took them out. We stayed at an Inn just about 200 yards from the beach so we made quick time to the sand. After we hit the beach I let the boys off leash and we RAN. I am really starting to enjoy running more and more as this year has gone by, but let me tell you, running next to the incoming waves and with such a magnificent view, I felt like I could run for miles further than just 3.1!

Graham & Jake really enjoyed running next to me, weaving in and out of the water as the tide came in and also running through the multiple shallow streams that we crossed on our run. I was very content to be fulfilling my challenge. It was a nice break from the tedium of running that comes and goes over time.

The second day I left the dogs with Claire, as they were plenty tired from the previous days' play time. I did bring the iPod on both runs, though, and took some videos. Here they are: