Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little Cowhorn Mountain Lunch

Claire, Scott, Emily & I went for a hike a week or so ago and I wanted to share our trip.  We went to a trail that leads to Little Cowhorn Mountain, in the Willamette National Forest.  The rain was relentless, but we didn't mind too much.
After we started on the trail we noticed that there were a lot of mushrooms out.  We saw many varieties including our favorite, Chanterelles which make for wonderful eating.  These are NOT Chanterelles in the photo, but it's the best shot I got that day of any mushrooms.
 The woods looked nice, as they usually do when it's raining out...misty, quiet, and isolating.
  The trail was short, only about 1.5 miles in length total.  The elevation is about 4,000' so usually you get a wonderful view at the top...that day it was simply too cloudy.
  The lookout cabin at the top of the peak provided a great spot to shed our rain gear and have lunch.  The dogs stayed outside while we ate, played a game of cribbage and relaxed.

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