Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodman Creek Mountain biking

Hi folks!  It's been a while since I've posted but I've been busier at work (boo) and have also been busily reading the house for winter (yay!).  In the meantime, Graham, Jake, and I went to a wonderful place called Goodman Creek a few times last week to explore the single-track mountain biking trail there.  Here's the website for the trail.
The very green forest
The Goodman Creek Trail is in the Willamette National Forest just about 25 miles from my front door.  I loaded up the dogs and we quickly got out of the valley, which was filling with low clouds and fog.  The trail itself is only about four miles in length, so I make a loop of the area that connects a parallel road with the trail.  I almost always ride up the steep gravel for about three miles, then race down the single-track awesomeness for four miles.  Not a bad deal considering  the best part of my mountain bike rides is the downhill!
Graham checking out the tall grass
 On our way up the gravel road, the dogs had a lot of energy and played rambunctiously as I huffed along, dragging my body up the path.  I was tired after about two miles and the dogs still were running at a good clip, always ready to run faster if I would only speed up.  I was jealous to put it nicely.

Once at the top of the road where the trail met back up, we took a quick break and the dogs got a drink from my water supply.  We all panted and huffed for a few minutes before diving off into the woods to ride and run the trail back downhill.  This is always my favorite part of the trail because I know that most of the work is done.  At this point it's switchbacks, some rocks and roots to jump over, a few uphills, and then I'm done.
Great section of the trail with leaves on the ground.
 After about two miles or so we passed Goodman Creek itself and took a break.  The dogs played in the water as I took off my very sweaty pack and relaxed for a few minutes.  At this point, the dogs were starting to become more tired than I was.  Finally!  We had a quick photo shoot and then back on the bike to finish the trail.

Graham (left) and Jake (right) panting away.
 We had a great day here and I expect that it was the last time we'll mountain bike Goodman Creek in 2010.  The rains have started this week and the trail is simply too muddy now to run safely or ethically as it tears up the path to ride on it when it's wet.  Good memories were made on this trip and I'm sure that Graham and Jake have no idea how spoiled they are.  Shouldn't we all be so lucky?
Tired and sweaty at the finish!

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